Commander Thibodeau's Thanksgiving Message

AMVETS Family members and friends,

Abraham Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a national tradition in 1863, but it was Theodore Roosevelt who made it a national holiday in 1901, proclaiming the final Thursday in November as a national day to “thank the Giver of all good for our national blessings.” “True homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips and shows itself in deeds,” Roosevelt said. “We can best prove our thankfulness to the Almighty by the way in which on this earth and at this time each of us does his duty to his fellow men.”

President Roosevelt followed his heart and transformed his words into deeds. On Thanksgiving Day in 1902, construction workers were hustling to finish work on the White House’s West Wing annex. Roosevelt interrupted work that afternoon and insisted each worker put down his tools and eat a turkey dinner prepared by the White House kitchen.

As we gather with family and friends this year, I invite everyone to join Sons of AMVETS nationwide in prayer asking the Lord to bless all veterans who have secured our liberty. For active men and women now on watch, keep them safe from harm. To those families who have a member now serving, we thank you for your sacrifice and hope that you will soon be re-united with your loved ones. And let us all turn our words into deeds that will benefit our communities and our country.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. May God bless you and may God bless America.

With warmest regards,

Richard H. Thibodeau
National Sons of AMVETS