Commander's Thanksgiving Day Message

Thanksgiving is the time for all to pause from their normal daily activities and express to our Creator our most humble appreciation for the bounty that we as Americans enjoy. On behalf of the Sons of AMVETS nationwide I would like to wish everyone in the AMVETS family and our friends a Happy Thanksgiving.

Today is also a time for reflection. One hundred and fifty three years ago, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of Thanksgiving. In the midst of the Civil War and during a time of hardship, Thanksgiving Day would be a time to express gratitude for our many blessings including the sacrifices of those who served and were serving in uniform.

Then as now, we are indebted to every man and woman of our armed forces who stood watch to secure our liberty and freedom. To all those currently deployed: know that Sons of AMVETS across the country along with all Americans will be thinking about you as they gather around the Thanksgiving table, and praying for your safe return. To their families back here at home a heartfelt thank you for sacrificing on their behalf.  

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving.

Mark Serpis


National Sons of AMVETS


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