SONS National Spring Raffle

Greetings to my fellow Sons, AMVETS family members, and friends,

April 1st begins our month long Spring Raffle to benefit National SOA Commander Barber's project - MISSION: VETERANS MOBILITY. Only 500 tickets are being sold and only a few tickets remain.

Our Spring Raffle is one of various efforts to garner the revenue required to provide mobility scooters to our vets across the nation. Our hope is that you will find Cpmmander Ken's project MISSION: VETERANS MOBILITY of consideration and your support.

If you would like to participate, need additional tickets, or more information, please contact me by call or text at 813-445-0253. You may also send email Inquiries to me at

Mick Ciesla

3rd Vice Commander

National Sons of AMVETS



Because of a disability, illness, or age, many of our nation’s veterans are experiencing mobility issues. Struggling with this daily and combined with the lack of social interaction it can lead to depression and other mental health issues for our vets. Additionally, many veterans do not qualify or are unable to take advantage of the usual venues for assistance.

MISSION: VETERANS MOBILITY will be a collaborative effort of National Sons of AMVETS and our fellow Sons at the Department and Squadron level to provide mobility scooters to our veterans in need and improve their quality of life. 

Mobility Provides: Increased Social Interaction, Increased Independence, Improved Quality of Life, Promotes Healthy Aging, Reduces Risk of Injury, Improves Self-Care, and Increased Participation in Meaningful Family Events


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