AMVETS Family and Friends,

As we all gather today with family and friends, let us reflect on all we have to be thankful and enjoy each other's company. For this day is set aside each year to give thanks for ALL THINGS. As we prepare our Thanksgiving tables, please pause a moment to thank our military for preserving our freedom to be able to enjoy such a day.

In 1987, President Ronald Reagan's closing words of his Thanksgiving Day Proclomation, you can hear President Reagan's wonder and awe of America. He said, "We have seen the splendor of our natural resources spread across the tables of the world, and we have seenthe splendor of freedom coursing with new vigor through the channels of history. The cause for which we give thanks, for which so many of our citizens through the years have given their lives, has endured 200 yearws - a blessing to us and a light to all mankind.

There it is, summed up so beautifully - ..."the splendor for freedom ... a blessing to us and a light to all mankind." What better reason to pause and give thanks this day?

May God bless your family, our veterans, and military, today and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.


With warmest regard,

Paul R. Speigle - Commander

National Sons of AMVETS