A Tribute to Military Moms


No One Prouder

Proud military moms There is no one prouder than a fine military mother
Her support is of the strongest caliber to be found
She knows what she has to do and lovingly does it
Great faith is something she so abundantly shows

The motivation of these sincere women is heartwarming
The way they give to their own and others is an inspiration
Their sincere effort to be helpful is foremost in their thought
And how wondeful they perform when united in purpose

They are such tremendous supporters of all our military troops
Ask one hundred members of our Armed Forces about this
You'll see how many place a loving mother right up at the top
Don't bother asking this veteran, my words spell it out for me

May God bestow many blessings on these very special women
I'm in awe of their strength, determination, and courage
Behold the powerful fortitude they so steadfastly show
Do strive to keep them in your daily prayers and thoughts

Roger J. Robicheau - US Military Veteran


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