Elections are over! Results are in! CONGRATULATIONS to the elected officers for 2017-2018!!!!!

Commander - Harold Collins KY
1st Vice - Ken Barber FL
2nd Vice - Richard Thibodeau ME
3rd Vice - Paul Spiegle OH
Finance Officer - PNC Daniel K. Briggs FL
Judge Advocate - PNC David Spencer MA
Provost Marshal - Michael McDarrah IN
Imm. Past Cmmndr - PNC Mark Serpis MA





















Appointed Officers for 2017-2018 include:

Chaplain - Patrick Holcombe FL
VAVS Coordinator - Bill Gerry FL
Legislative Director - Doug Brown OH
Deputy Legislative Director - Tracy Diggs OH
PRO/Historian - PNC David T. Strittmather OH
Jr. AMVETS Coordinator - Joseph Stopyra PA
Inspector General - Charlie Summerall FL
Webmaster - Mick Ciesla FL

Best Wishes to all as you continue the mission of SONS SERVING VETERANS!!!!!!!


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