AMVETS Family and friends,

Citizens in the thirteen original American colonies began to question the claims of a government, 3,000 miles away, that held a belief that citizens existed to serve the state. Individual liberty and the limited role of the government was becoming the prevalent attitude of the people. Thus, in 1776, 56 representatives mutually pledged to each other their LIVES, FORTUNES, and SACRED HONOR by signing the Declaration of Independence. Each put his life on the line to protect and preserve freedoms believed to be God-given. The Great Experiment was launched. A Nation was born.

The words of Benjamin Franklin are as relevant today as they were over two hundred years ago: “Liberty is never guaranteed or automatic. It won’t be there for the next generation just because it was there for the last. It will be there if—and only if—the people themselves live it, breathe it, teach it, and defend it at all costs.” As you celebrate our Nation’s birthday, also keep in mind our country’s brave sons and daughters who served and are now serving and have defended this principle and idea for over 2 centuries.

On behalf of Sons of AMVETS, have a happy and safe 4th of July.


Michael ‘Mick’ Ciesla - Commander

National Sons of AMVETS