Commander Daniel Briggs' Project - Veterans Arts and Crafts

The VA Hospitals use to supply arts and crafts projects to the veterans during their recovery. However, due to budget cuts they can no longer provide these. Therefore, the goal of my project is going to be to purchase 10,000 art and craft projects for the Veterans in the VA hospitals. All of the proceeds will go towards the purchase of these projects. The National Sons of AMVETS will cover any other expense related to the Veterans Arts & Crafts (VAC) project.

We are discussing this project with Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Micheals in the hopes that they may help us in our efforts. The cost of a single craft kit is anywhere from $4.00 on up. We appreciate all donations regardless of their size.

Once all of the money is collected at the National Convention in Birmingham, Alabama, the Squadron & Departments can apply for money from the Past Commander’s project fun. A check will be mailed to the requesting party. They can either purchase the craft kits or give the money to the local VA hopitals who will then user the money to purchase the kits and pass them out to the veterans.

Ms. Sandy Turvey from the Cincinnati VA Medical Center recently wrote me a letter I would like to share:

One veteran that I have been sending crafts to for years is a sweet story. He was homebound due to an immune disorder that made it difficult for him to fight any germs with which he came into contact. This gentle man enjoyed doing home repairs and woodworking, but was no longer able due to decreased use of his hands from another disease. He was also a nature lover and was especially fond of making the birdhouses and birdfeeders, because his wife would hang them outside and he could then continue to enjoy them and the birds from his window. He would send pictures of the crafts to me from time to time but I no longer have the crafts to give him. Since he could not get out to shop, he enjoyed making some of the crafts as Christmas / birthday gifts for his family.

Benefits of making birdhouses/bird feeders for this gentle man were:

  • A sense of pride;
  • A sense of task accomplishment;
  • Helping him restore his previous hobby of woodworking;
  • Restored his ability to give to others (making them as gifts to family)
  • Enjoying nature from the inside (by bringing birds closer to his window)
  • Productive use of his leisure time using tools he used to use in home repairs;

This is good therapy. And this is just one of many stories of veterans benefiting from this program.

Sandy Turvey
Recreation Specialist / Rehabilitation Care Line
Cincinnati VA Medical Center

Frequently asked questions.

How will my donation be used?

Your gift will be used to provide various arts & craft kits to our veterans both hospitalized and VA nursing home residents.

Do the veterans enjoy the kits?

Many veterans will build birdhouses, make leather wallets and other items to be given as gifts to family and friends. The crafts keep their hands active and their minds alert, while empowering them as they create a useful item.

What percentage of my donation is used to purchase arts & crafts?

Every dollar donated to the project will be used to purchase art supplies and craft kits. All other expenses related the Veterans Arts & Crafts projects are covered by the National Sons of AMVETS.

How will the proceeds be distributed to the Veterans?

You may request your contribution to be designated to a select VA facility. Simply add your request to the donation form or include a note with your donation.
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