Do you remember Tuesday September 11, 2001? What were you doing when you heard the news? I was unemployed at the time, waiting to hear from an interview the previous day, eating breakfast, and watching Good Morning America. The report came in and coverage began, and a few minutes later lives changed forever.

I watched as the second plane flew into the second tower and everyone knew that we were under attack. So much pain, so much loss, so much fear brought to us all at once by seven evil men. Most of us remember the stories of bravery and sacrifice from that day. We remember the video and the pictures capturing that day’s events. Some of us sprang into action and tried to help in any way that we could. Some did fund raising events, collections of much needed food and supplies, or some even drove to New Jersey, met up with some fellow chefs and set up a kitchen providing free meals and a place to rest for anyone who needed it. We cooked for hours, around the clock, not realizing how long we had been going, and not really caring how tired we were as long as everyone who was hungry was fed.

The people who came in were in pain, physically, mentally, and spiritually… and we had a chance to help them. They were telling stories of the scenes of horror that they had just come in from and held each other as they cried. It is something that can never be forgotten.

Now, as I write this, I realize that there is an entire generation, now of college age who only know of 9/11/01 through stories told to them, books written about that day, and the endless videos available with just a click of a mouse. We must remember to tell these next generations about the impact of that day. How it brought us together in Patriotism and Americanism. How we refused to stay down. How we celebrated the heroes of those days, wearing NYPD and NYFD hats across the country in support of the first responders. That moment of pride when the NY Yankees took the field to play the first game back wearing NYPD and NYFD caps in solidarity. How our military men and women took the fight back to the terrorists around the world, defending our way of life. The day that the leader of that group was captured and brought to justice.

We are a very blessed nation. We have the strongest military in the world, driven by the bravest young men and women in the world. Sometimes the government forgets the debt we owe these Heroes. This is why we must remind them, through lobbying, through phone calls, emails, and letters, and through the ballot box. I am so proud to be a part of an organization who supports our Heroes daily.

This Patriot Day, remember some of those people. If it is the victims from the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, United Flight 93, the NYPD, the NYFD, or the American soldiers who have fought terrorism world-wide since that day, remember them as Heroes. Then, tomorrow do something to help them. If you need an idea on how to help our Veterans, please contact your local AMVETS.



Bobby Bryant - Commander

National Sons of AMVETS