The Department of Florida Sons continue their DIRECT TO VET activity by sponsoring a mid-year cook-out for the vets at the James A. Haley Community Living Center in Tampa, FL. Burgers & Dogs were a well received change of pace from the normal menu and everyone had a great time.

Thanks to National 1st Vice Commander Harold Collins for assisting in the acquisition of playing cards & PNC Daniel K. (MB) Briggs for transporting the cards to Florida so we could make them available to all vets.













The day was also the initial kick-off to Project Sox. The goal of the Florida Commander's DIRECT TO VET Project for 2017-2018 is to collect and distribute 10,000 pairs of socks to our veterans in Florida. The Department of Florida is very gratedul to Marty Oliver and the Crawford Knitting Company of Ramseur NC for donating 500 pair of Pro-Tect diabetic socks that is jumpstarting this effort.   

Those helping at the event included L. to R: Jerry Padot 3rd Vice Dept. of FL, Ed Kivel - J.A. Sq 4, Jim Eiseman -PSC Sq. 4, Mick Ciesla - Commander Dept. of FL, T. J. Lee - 2nd Vice Sq. 4, Patrick Holcombe - National Chaplain & Dept, of FL 1st Vice, Mary McCarthy - AMVETS family member from Post 312, Jeff Peck - V.A.V.S Coordinator Dept. of FL., and Tina Petrie - USN Vet & Post 26 member.

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