Convention 2023 Leadership Team

The ballots have been tallied. CONGRATULATIONS to National Sons of AMVETS Commander Bobby Bryant and the entire leadership team for 2023-2024.
Commander - Bobby Bryant OH
1st Vice Commander Owen Jackson OH
2nd Vice Commander - Patrick Holcombe FL
3rd Vice Commander - Dave Niederhauser IA
Finance Officer – PNC Richard Thibodeau ME
Judge Advocate – PNC David Spencer MA
Provost Marshal - Tim Goldman KY
Imm. Past Commander – Mick Ciesla FL
Chaplain - Steve Bryant OH
VAVS Coordinator - Joe Kirkpatrick OH
Legislative Director – Doug Brown OH
Deputy Legislative Director – Bill Lutz OH
Communications Director – PNC David Strittmather OH
Jr. AMVETS Advisor – PNC Paul Speigle OH
Inspector General – Ben Howard AZ
Webmaster – IPNC Mick Ciesla FL
Chief of Staff – PNC Harold Collins KY
BEST WISHES to all as you continue the mission of Sons Serving Veterans.