Working on It

We are currently working on making improvements to the website.  We have resolved all known issues and are focusing on Project Reporting.  We are aware that we need to update the address on the forms.  This is a work in progress.

Forms: 6/1/2024 Open
Update the address on the forms to current address.  The address is at the top of the Forms page.

Please contact if you are having any issues with the forms, membership or any other information on the website.

Thank you

Resolved Issues:
Membership: 5/30/2024  Resolved 5/30/2024
There is an issue adding and updating the members phone number.  A workaround is to leave the phone number blank for now.  We expect to have this issue resolved today (5/30/2024)

Project Reporting:  5/30/2024 Resolved  6/1/2024
We have completed the move of the older site to Project Reporting is now available and working as expected. Please let us know if you find any issues. The ability to add Project Reports and access Project Reporting reports is currently unavailable.  We are in the process of archiving the older website to allow the main site to be use the address (URL). The archive process is expected to be complete in a day or two.  We will then be able to continue adding project reports using the url of  

Membership: 6/2/2024  Resolved 6/4/2024
Department officers cannot edit contact information.  This does not impact adding new members or renewing the membership for members.